Episode 1022: Aleksandra Szczepanowska

https://youtu.be/8iYFIU-bmXk Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode Aleksandra Szczepanowska talks about making the of her award winning film, Touch. .Sczepanowska who directs and stars in the film, first came to our attention at last year's Winter Film Awards. For our review of Touch, click here. Follow us here for more episodes and subscribe to … Continue reading Episode 1022: Aleksandra Szczepanowska

Episode 1021: Sony FX9 Review

https://youtu.be/C4-bZ-vU9qA Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode we review the Sony FX9. The video featuring actor/model Stefanie Bloom was shot and recorded with the Sony FX9 at JMR Rentals' studio in Brooklyn, NY. The video also looks back at the camera when it was first announced at the NAB Show in 2019 complete with … Continue reading Episode 1021: Sony FX9 Review

Episode 1020: Dave Rosenberg

https://youtu.be/F_fY6vIanqA Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode writer/actor Dave Rosenberg talks about his award winning feature film, The Reunion which took home honors at last year's Soho Film Festival. The Reunion is now available on multiple platforms, including I-Tunes, Amazon Prime and VUDU, among others, and Film Threat will be hosting a Watch Party … Continue reading Episode 1020: Dave Rosenberg

This is Gonna Hurt – SLAPFACE

by William J. Hammon, ActuallyPaid.com Some of the best horror movies out there are the ones that are grounded in an essential reality, even within the context of supernatural monsters, gory viscera, and over-the-top special effects. If the terror is analogous to something that can be experienced or felt internally by the audience, it goes … Continue reading This is Gonna Hurt – SLAPFACE

RUMORS Nominated for 6 Indie Series Awards

https://youtu.be/TGbYdOBusP0 The nominees for the 12th Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed this Wednesday during a special episode of Serial Scoop Now hosted by actor and entertainer Jo Weil. The festival which was founded in 2009 celebrates independently produced series.Anacostia and The Bay led the pack with 15 nominations each.  They are joined in the … Continue reading RUMORS Nominated for 6 Indie Series Awards

STILL WORKING 9 TO 5 To Premiere at SXSW

Still Working 9 to 5 reunites stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman from original 9 to 5 film,  as well as Rita Moreno from the 9 to 5 TV series, Allison Janney from the Broadway musical, and other stars from the television and stage versions of the classic film.

Episode 1019: Rebecca Himot

https://youtu.be/NBjmOSSK2io Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode former Cartoon Network development executive (Teen Titans Go!, DC Super Hero Girls, and Unikitty) talks about her experience working in animation and children's programming and gives her advice for creators looking to pitch their projects. For more on animation, check out our interview with writer/director Onyi Udeh … Continue reading Episode 1019: Rebecca Himot