Episode 1312: Film Festival Update, Upcoming Movies, Streaming Shows and the NGLmitu Upfront

On this this episode will give you an update on Brooklyn Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival as well as a look back at Female Voices Rock. We'll also give you a preview on some upcoming films: The Boogeyman, Extraction 2, A Haunting in Venice, and shows like Only Murders in the Building, and The Crowded Room. Later, we'll take you to the red carpet of NGLmitu, the new media company from co-founder, John Leguizamo.

Episode 1311: The Trials & Triumph of Freddie Stevenson

On this episode, former pro football player and best selling author Freddie Stevenson talks about Trials and Triumph, the documentary about his life based on his book of the same name. The film was released on May 2nd by Gravitas Ventures and is now available on digital platforms.

Film Festival Update and SISU Director Jalmari Helander

On this episode we bring you the latest film festival news including a preview of Tribeca Film Festival, and our reviews of Daliland and the documentary Bad Press from San Francisco International Film Festival. Our feature story this week is an interview with SISU director, Jalmari Helander.

A Conversation with Chaz Bono

On this week's episode, actor, activist, and author, Chaz Bono talks about his career and his latest film, Bury the Bride, an indie horror about a bachelorette party getaway that goes awry when the bride-to-be's blood thirsty fiance shows up with some friends to crash the party.

Summer Movie Preview & Our Interview with Peter Mattei

On this episode we bring you our summer movie preview featuring a look at Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Killers of the Flower Moon, Blue Beetle, Asteroid City, and The Equalizer 3 . We'll also update you on upcoming film festivals including: Female Voices Rock, Cannes Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival. And later we'll have an interview with Peter Mattei, creator of the new Audible series, Sonarius: The Mysteries of M.


The 2023 Tribeca Festival, presented by OKX, announced its audio storytelling lineup, including 18 world premieres from independent and established narrative audio creators and 11 “Live-from-Tribeca” events. This year’s Festival, which takes place June 7-18, will highlight its audio storytelling selection from June 12-16, connecting creators and listeners in-person at Tribeca.

Episode 1306: LIVING WITH CHUCKY Director Kyra Elise Gardner

On this episode host Jason Godbey interviews Kyra Elise Gardner the director of the new documentary about the Child's Play franchise, Living with Chucky along with a review of the film and updates on upcoming movie releases including: Guardians of the Beau is Afraid, Galaxy Vol. 3, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Strays, Barbie, and Guy Ritchie's The Covenant.

Interview with ALL THE WORLD IS SLEEPING Director, Ryan Lacen

On this episode director Ryan Lacen talks about his latest film, All the World is Sleeping starring Melissa Barrera (Scream VI). In the interview he talks about his background and the interesting process by which this film was developed. He also talks about working with Melissa Barrera and why audiences should see this one in theaters.

Episode 1304: James Oxford & The Tonkawa Film Festival

On this episode the founder of the Tonkawa Film Festival, James Oxford talks about the festival and what fans can expect this year. The festival is located in Oxford's hometown of Tonkawa Oklahoma. Oxford started the festival in 2020 just before the Covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent lock down and has been going strong ever since.