Soho International Film Festival Comes Home

by Jason Godbey

Last Thursday, the Soho International Film Festival returned to the Village East by Angelika to celebrate its 13th year. The opening night kicked off with a filmmaker soiree, and the audience was treated to the premiere of The Redeemer directed by Myles Clohessy and starring Baylee Toney.

I caught up with the festival’s Executive Director, Sibyl Santiago, who was excited to be back at the Village East, the home of the festival for eight years prior to the pandemic. When asked how it felt to be back she said, “It feels amazing! It was a little bit nerve wracking… and we didn’t know what to expect.. but as soon as the doors opened, as soon as the filmmakers came in, it was like that family reunion that you actually look forward to… It was great to be back.”

She also spoke about the importance of supporting independent filmmakers and the excitement of seeing new works on the big screen with a live audience. She also discussed the plans and goals for the Soho Film Forum and the future of the festival.

We’ll have full episodes complete with interviews from the red carpet of the Soho International Film Festival and other upcoming festivals as part of our No Rest for the Fest coverage this fall, so be sure to follow us here and subscribe on YouTube or on your favorite podcast channel.

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