FEMALE VOICES ROCK Returns to New York

The One-Of-A-Kind Film Festival Returns May 5th – 7th

Female Voices Rock is excited to announce the return of Female Voices Rock Film Festival, taking place from May 5th-7th. Festival goers will once again return to theaters to discover this year’s most inspiring independent stories by women creators. In addition, in-person attendees will experience networking opportunities, workshops, industry talks, and parties during the festival, with more details to be announced.

On this year’s festival, Female Voices Rock founder & executive director Catherine Delaloye shares, “Creating a safe and inspiring space for women to express themselves, share visionary stories and meet future collaborators is what Female Voices Rock is all about. Each year we thrive to do better and to increase diversity and inclusion by making sure women’s voices continue to be championed. I’m honored to share this year’s selection of visionary stories with distinct perspectives and unique voices from around the world. In addition, in-person attendees will get to experience networking opportunities, workshops, industry talks and parties during the festival, with more details to be announced.”This year, the Female Voices Rock Film Festival will host industry panels aimed at educating and supporting filmmakers who have created short films. Produced by accomplished filmmaker Kira Leinonen, these panels will explore topics such as developing your first feature and career advancement with a short film.

Female Voices Rock is dedicated to supporting diverse female storytellers in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to incite and inspire change that builds a foundation of equality and diversity, ensuring that every voice is heard and championed.

Female Voices Rock launched a one-of-a-kind film festival in 2019, when women comprised only 20% of all directors, writers, producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 US domestic grossing films, to spotlight women in the film industry and champion the inclusion of underrepresented storytellers and diverse voices.

BIPOC, LGBTQ+ voices, and other marginalized voices are not given equal space andhave been left to fight for themselves for too long. We are using our platform to create space for the important stories that need to be told, the films that have not be seen, the creators who have not been given an opportunity, and we are here to support filmmakers to the fullest of our abilities through educational programming, workshops, webinars, and networking events. By uplifting those that have been left in the background, we are committed to increasing the diversity in the industry and revolutionizing the filmmaking space.

For more information, visit: FemaleVoicesRock.com.


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