Episode 1208: Soho International Film Festival 2022

Hosted by Kayla Vera

On this episode we take you to the red carpet of the 13th Annual Soho International Film Festival. Featuring interviews with: Diana Cossa, Kate Forsatz, Chad L. Coleman, Ben Myers, Cheryl Allison, Alejandro Montoya Marin, John Kaler, Marissa Ghavami, Frank Harts, Elise Finnerty, Estelle Gerard Parks, Lauren Sowa, Massimo Soto, Libe Barer, Miranda Khan, Baylee Toney, Myles Clohessy.

Next week we’ll have more coverage from the Soho International Film Festival including interviews with the festival’s Executive Director Sibyl Santiago and the director of the new documentary Humanity Stoked, Michael Ien Cohen, so be sure to tune in next week and follow us here for more film festival coverage and entertainment news.

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