Utopia Acquires Timely Feature Documentary – RED HEAVEN

This release comes to us by way of Utopia

Los Angeles, CA – Utopia has acquired the U.S. rights to Red Heaven, a timely feature documentary that follows six young volunteers as they prepare for a yearlong NASA experiment designed to replicate the physical and psychological conditions of a mission to Mars.

The film follows a crew of six led by female physicist Christiane Heinicke and takes viewers inside a year-long NASA psychological experiment. The goal: to unravel the human variables in team dynamics for future missions to Mars. Filmed by the crew members themselves, this immersive feature documentary reveals what remains when people are pushed to their limits to survive on a new planet., but after a year of living on “Mars” the lines between reality and simulation blur.

Red Heaven is a Sandbox Films production in association with Seeker and Insignia Films. It was co-directed and produced by Lauren DeFilippo and Katherine Gorringe with cinematography by David Alvarado, original music by William Ryan Fritch and editing by Katherine Gorringe.

“The idea for Red Heaven came about when the goal of sending humans to Mars was entering public conversation. We started to hear about the journey to Mars as a necessary step in creating a ‘backup planet’ should Earth one day become unlivable. There was a tension in there for us as filmmakers that we couldn’t look away from. We live in a world full of innovation and technological progress but also one that faces extreme environmental degradation and social fracturing. Six scientists acting out living on the red planet for a year was fertile ground for uncovering how we think about humanity’s future. What would it really be like to experience life on another planet, and could we ever truly call that new place home?” – Lauren DeFilippo and Katherine Gorringe

Red Heaven is available now to rent or own on AppleTV and Altavod courtesy of Utopia. 


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